The most important example of faith in a person’s life is their Parents!

Youth Catechism instruction at Mt. Calvary takes place in the fall for 10 weeks each year of middle school. Catechism instruction exists as a systematic means to ensure that each student understands the 6 chief parts of the faith but also, and more importantly to ensure that each student is being supported in their faith development by their family and church.

As such, our Catechism instruction involves both youth and their parents (or other representative) in classroom instruction and application each week. Parents are then equipped to continue instruction at home for the rest of the week while touching base with their student each evening with a devotion.

Students are invited to participate in communion after the first year of instruction and following the third year they move on to confirmed member status within the church.

Catechism Instruction for Youth: (August thru October)

–  Wednesday nights 5:30 for 6th Grade (Luther Hall)

–  Wednesday nights 6:30 for 7th & 8th Grades (Luther Hall)