T-December 18th

is for Tree.

“For you shall go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and the hills before you shall break forth into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands. Instead of the thorn shall come up the cypress; instead of the brier shall come up the myrtle; and it shall make a name for the Lord, an everlasting sign that shall not be cut off.” -Isaiah 55:12-13

Activity: Family Moment. As a family go and lay under your Christmas tree for a moment. Look up through the branches. Observe the decorations and lights from a different angle.

The Christmas Tree is a widely celebrated tradition of Christmas. We see them in homes, in stores, at church, even outside in people’s yards. We love a good Christmas tree trimmed to the top in festive decorations.  There is even a Carol, “O’ Christmas Tree” that honors this beautiful symbol of Christmas. But what does a Christmas Tree have to do with Christmas?

In Genesis, the world was changed after Adam and Eve sinned. Everything from animals, the ground, even the trees became flawed because of sin. Ever since then, all of nature has been full of groaning and sighing as it waited to be made perfect again (Jer. 12:4). So when Jesus, the creator, came down from heaven to be a part of His own created world, even the trees rejoiced. That’s why we decorate trees, that’s why they are strung with garland and lights. Because even the trees celebrate, Immanuel, God is with us!

So as we look forward to Christmas, we gaze lovingly at the Christmas tree to celebrate the beginning of Jesus’ time on earth, and celebrate all that God would do through Him. But Jesus and the tree would become even more deeply connected.

At the end of Jesus’ life, He was nailed to a tree. This tree was not decorated with lights and baubles, but with the very body of the Savior. Instead of lights providing a colorful display, it was Christ’s blood that stained the wood. This tree was the wooden cross.

We have reminders of that tree all around us. Every cross that you see reminds us of what Jesus did, and that He did it for you and for me because of His great big love for us. So even though the cross was what killed Jesus, we see it as a symbol of love, of that amazing thing that God did to save sinners like you and me.

We admire the Christmas tree and all its decorations because it points to God coming down. But the tree also reminds us of when Jesus was lifted up to save the world.

PRAYER: Dear God, Thank you for trees, reminders of Your love for us. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

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