Facility Usage

Suggested Donations for Non-Member Use

Trustee to open/close building- $20

Use of Sanctuary- $50

Use of Fellowship Hall- $75

Use of Luther Hall- $150

Use of a Kitchen- $50

Cleaning Deposit- $200 (For all who use facilities)


Use Policies

Alcoholic beverages or drugs will not be used on the church premises at any time, and no one under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be permitted to use the facilities.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building.

If any food or beverages are to be served, or if any rooms other than a Hall are to be used, the spokesperson for the group using the facility shall contact the Church Office in advance to make arrangements for the custodian.

Do not engage in any activities which will damage floors, rugs, or furniture. The group using the facility is responsible for such damages.

Please do not use thumbtacks, nails, screws, or tape on any furniture or in any part of the building.

No decorations shall be hung or suspended from lighting fixtures or ventilators.

Anything to be delivered on the day before the event should be delivered by pre-arrangement with a member of the church staff.

If chairs are used, they should be set up by the group using the facility and returned to their original location after their use.

Nothing shall be moved or rearranged without permission; and if it is moved or rearranged, it should be returned to its original location when finished.

Use of any of the church’s equipment must be preapproved.