Mt. Calvary plans to continue to Share the Gospel. God’s Word is powerful and contains His promises for us. We will continue to point to His Word so that we may see His love in this time of trial.

Mt. Calvary staff plan to post meditations on the Word of God regularly so that we may continue to ingest the Word of God. Initially this will be in the form of sermons on Sunday and Wednesdays in Lent, and companion Children’s messages for each weekend.

Mt. Calvary will look for resources for our families to continue to grow in the Word while many of us find ourselves with more family time than usual.

Pastor Price will continue to shepherd God’s flock. If you have spiritual needs feel free to reach out the church so that we can determine how best to care for you.


At this time this does suspend all ministry gatherings and other uses of the building by outside groups. Please direct any questions to the church office.