Sunday School

Sunday Mornings at Mt. Calvary are impactful for all ages, including our youngest. Children up to elementary age are treated on Sunday mornings with experiential learning as they journey through God’s word with age appropriate songs, crafts, snacks, and creative teachings about God’s love.

Our Sunday School Students also share their thanks for God’s love on Sunday morning through offerings which benefit ministries and charities that the kids can relate to. In the past year we have supported, World Vision Music and Art Education and the Haitian Lutheran Mission Project.

Children under the age of 4 are invited to bring their parents to our most fun classroom of all, where the students learn together with a short but fantastic lesson, enjoy a snack, and play with one another in our under 4 classroom.


Additional Resources on Passover/Seder Meal:

Apple of His Eye Mission Society is an LCMS supported ministry that reaches out to those with Jewish roots. The link is their information on the Jewish celebration of Passover. There is also a resource for anyone wanting to celebrate a messianic Passover in their church resources page.

Chai v’Shalom is a LCMS Congregation in Missouri (in partnership with Apple of His Eye) that provides literature pertaining to the Sabbath and Passover in their resources page.

Hebrew 4 Christians has comprehensive information regarding the Hebrew Passover celebration and enabling one to see how Jesus is the fulfillment of the OT scriptures and celebrations.